Thursday, February 2, 2012

Setting up a USA iTunes account outside of the USA.

The iTunes music store is a region locked store. Basically if you live outside the USA you are only able to purchase a subset of the apps. You don’t have access to everything. On Windows Phone 7, apps like WhatsApp are available everywhere, but on iTunes, only available in the USA…

Its stupid, I know.

For that reason, anyone who purchased an iOS device, i am making this post for you. I will show you step by step how to register a USA iTunes account with full access to the iTunes catalogue.

1. Download and install iTunes

DO NOT sign in!!!

2. After you have downloaded and installed iTunes and gone through the initial setup wizard, look on the left hand side of the iTunes application, there you will see the navigation bar, with your music, videos, podcasts and what we’re here for, the iTunes Store.





3. Now scroll to the bottom and look for the Country Selector.


4. Choose the USA store


5. Double check that you’re not signed in and search for a free app. “Remote” is a easy one.


6. Hit the “Free” button and install it


7. Here a popup should appear asking you to either sign in or sign up. You must do the sign up process from here. If you do it any other way you will be prompted to use a USA credit card which most people outside the USA would not have.


8. Follow the steps below filling out the Sign Up form and getting yourself a USA iTunes account with full access to the iTunes Store.




9. Pay special attention here. Notice that you have the “NONE” option to choose for a payment option.

If you have friends or family in the USA you can use their address, otherwise you can use a random one (A Best Buy Outlet etc.)


10. Once you hit the “Create Apple ID” button, you will receive a email with a link to click on and activate the account. Now you would have at your disposal a USA iTunes account.

11. With regards for buying apps and other content, you will need to purchase gift cards as iTunes will not accept credit cards from outside the USA.

Maximus Cards is a great website for purchasing iTunes gift cards, via paypal mastercard, visa, etc. You will be emailed the code for the gift card and copy and paste it into iTunes to be credited the money. The link to redeem gift cards can be found on the right hand side of the iTunes Homepage.


Happy downloading peeps and a good night/day to all. YAY!