Friday, May 22, 2009

I have to Rename all of that; WTF?

The Problem

So you just went on that vacation, and you just got carried away taking lots of gorgeous and not so gorgeous photos. You went through them and sorted them out, all you have left to do is rename them. Hold on, don't you have 600 photos from that vacation left?

The Solution

Well an easy solution to that problem is a tiny yet powerful program called A.F.5 Rename. This little wonder can let you rename however you want. Start with a “string” such as [My vacation photos] and end with a “counter” that will number all the photos. Simple and easy.

Hey you know that anime series with 500 episodes that you downloaded from 12 different fan-sub groups, each with its own style of naming the files, this program can also rename those files and make them presentable and organised.

Cheers    ^_^