Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Configuring Haali’s Media Splitter for Soft Subtitles


No matter which way u slice it, a lot of MKV files come with soft subs, however for the people out there who want the vids on devices like PSPs and PS3s and XBOXs, they need something more compatible. As it stands there are many media converters that will convert MKV to something else however embedding the subtitles for foreign language videos is a bit of a problem for most.

XVID4PSP, a program i hold nothing back when confessing my love for this super flexible program, when combined with a codec pack like CCCP or Win7/Vista Codec Pack, and a properly configured Haali’s Media Splitter can fix u up no problem.


As seen above, in the “Languages” branch of the hierarchy there is a entry to specify which audio and subtitle files are tied to each other.

In the case of myself, as you can see, i prefer and English audio track with no subtitles if possible as my first preference, and if that's not available, the Japanese audio with English subtitles.

The layout is simple, preferred language audio is first then a comma with no space, then the code for the language of the subtitle, then separate that combination preference with a  semi colon, and then repeat with your second choice combination.

Most anime fans who prefer the original Japanese audio track will use:


People like me who may just want to listen and not watch will use:


Now simply drag ur video into XVID4PSP and choose ur device preset or use a preset of ur own choosing and hit the magic encode button and let the fun start! When done you will have a mp4 or avi video with hardcoded subtitles embedded in the video and compatible with a device of ur choice.


For the details of encoding the actual video go to my previous posts on encoding videos using XVID4PSP.