Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Batch Album Art Resizing

Going back a couple years to when i had a Sandisk Sansa E250, was when i first started putting some effort into my music collection trying to make sure all my songs had at least an artist and song title embedded in the song tag.
I initially used Windows Media Players built in features for appending song data along with album art, and that worked fine for a while, that was until i got Windows Vista and saw how crappy and low resolution all those album art were, and that they were never actually embedded into the music files themselves. After that I turned to Mediamonkey and MP3TAG, two excellent apps for finding and embedding beautiful high resolution album art in the songs tags.
It was about then i noticed all the songs with nice high resolution album art embedded weren’t showing their album art on my Sansa. In an attempt to find out the reason, i did a little experimenting and found out the Sansa could only read album art that was smaller than 300x300 resolution. But i decided not to downsize my albumart to that because that was what I had before and it was just too low quality for me.
Fastfoward to 2010, i have a PS3 and i am using Playstation 3 Mediaserver to stream my music collection to my PS3, and one advantage it has over Windows Media Player’s streaming function is it also streams the album art, however it wasn't seeing all the album art in my songs, after more fiddling this time, i realised that album art over 500x500 resolution was a bit of a problem for PS3MS to send, so i had to find a way to resize all album art over 500x500 in my collection… (now 40 gigs) to a compatible size. After a bit of googling, I in a ironical twist of fate, found a program called Sanse MP3 Art Sizer which was designed back in 2003 to resize album art in MP3’s to a size compatible with the Sandisk Sansa. However, that size was too small for me even then. I managed to find a small workaround never the less to make this program resize the album art to a size i wanted 500x500.
  1. Download and install the program, and make sure you have a shortcut on the desktop. image
  2. Secondly, right click the shortcut to the program and choose Properties
  3. Look for the box labelled Target
  4. Append this text to the right end of the text already in the box SanseMp3ArtSizer.exe /500/100 Now the numbers at the end can be changed to your needs, the ‘500’, can be any value from 100 to 1000 and represents the resolution you want to resize the current album art to. The second number 100 represents the quality of the resized image and can be any number from 50 to 100. (Make sure there is a space between the original text and the new text you are adding in)image
  5. Now run the program.
Now in the actual application itself, is an option in the menu that lets the program ignore album art that is already smaller than the resolution you want to resize to. It can be found under Options in the menu bar at the top and is called Skip if original smaller than resize make sure it is selected and it will save your computer from having to do extra work for no reason.
image Cheer and crank that volume up PPL XD


  1. Did you ever get the error message, "Unexpected Error: JPEG error #52"? I recently used TagScanner to add album art, by click-and-drag the album cover from Amazon into Tagscanner. Works great and the art shows up everywhere but at 350kb/jpeg, it's taking too much space. However, when I tried to use Sanse Sizer, it would error out on any file that had an Amazon cover added to it.

  2. I resized all my album art to 500x500 with this and all my album art came from amazon, but i used mp3tag to embed them. Maybe tagscanner is embedding the album art differently than how mp3tage does and as such is causing the prob.

    Download mp3tag and embed a big pic into it and then try and re-size that with sanse. If that works and it doesn't with tagscanner then u know what the prob is.

    Did u manually set the prog to resize the albumart to or did you leave the default size that the prog re-sizes to?

  3. I just came across your post and wanted to thank you for how to change the default. Sansa E250 is a great little program but I hated it's default settings.

  4. If you look at point '4' i show u how to make the program resize the albumart to a size other than the 250x250 default of the program.

    Add the command

    "SanseMp3ArtSizer.exe /500/100"

    to the end of the text of the text in the "Target" box in the shortcut properties and you should be fine.

    The first number 500 is the resolution of the picture i.e. 500 mean a 500x500 resolution and the 100 is quality i.e quality ranging from 1-100, 90 is the preferable value.

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted high quality art embedded into my MP3's for a variety of sources (iTunes, Zune, PS3, WMP 11 & 12). My current MP3's had differnt embedded sizes, anywhere from 2000x2000 to 500x500. Without going through them all and individually "photoshopping" the embedded art, then re-embedding them, this does it all in one application. And the command line lets me set it to what I want (600/100). THANKS for finding this and the additional command line.

  6. No prob, this seems to be one of my more popular posts for that very reason. Although i have to point out, if ur trying to show ur album art on a Sony PS device, the resolution should be 500x500 max and smaller than 100kbs, or else the sony device doesnt show the album art.

  7. I'll have to check that out, but now that I have this, resizing to 500x500 will be a breeze! One question... Is there any way to get this to "square up" an un-square album art? What I mean is, if my original is 6000x5000, it will make it 600x500. Any way to make the program square it to 600x600? Anyway, once again... THANKS!

  8. No it doesn't do resizing, plus you don't wanna squeeze the albumart and ruin it. For the odd ones out that aren't perfectly square, id recommend u manually go in and square it by cropping, not resizing, and you will get much better results.

  9. Thanks! i've been looking for this for 2 days!!

  10. This article helped out a lot! But the download link for Sanse is down. I reuploaded for the people searching for it!

  11. Thank you Odin. I have updated the download links. Created Mega Mirrors.

  12. This trick has not worked for me... it just says the artwork is 0x0 and won't process anything...

  13. This app will only work with .mp3 files.

    Could you take a screenshot of your shortcut properties dialogue with the appropriate changes already made and post it.

    I will double check it for you.

  14. I'm strictly working with .mp3 files.

    Sorry I was unclear with what I was originally asking. There are actually two issues:

    Issue 1: When I add files to the program, the program detects that there is no album art and automatically states the size of the art is 0x0 (see .mp3 files of The Doors on the top of the screenshot). I'm not sure why this is the case because I confirmed that there is album art that is embedded into the file and is in .jpg format. Why is this?

    Issue 2: The addition of the line on the shortcut works to change the size from 250 to 500, but I was expecting to see 500x500 as the end size (see .mp3 files of Fort Minor on the bottom of the screenshot). As you can tell from the below screenshot, it makes these particular files size 499x500. Why is this? Is it because the original file was not square (for example 500x500) (it was 720x491)? Interested to hear your thoughts and any resolutions to these issues.

    Here is a screenshot:

    1. The first issue:
      I have a sneeky suspicion that it could be that the origial .jpg files are problematic and cannot be read. Have you tried embedding some other jpg file to see if that reads? That would eliminate the actual cover as an issue.

      OR the tag version of the doors tracks are not supported by the program. You can use mp3tag to convert the tags as need be.

      Second Issue:

      Yes it does not change aspect ratio, so if the original file was not square, the resized one will not be either.

      Honestly, don't stretch the 300x299 resolution images to 500x500. It will look like shit. I tried it.

  15. Hmmmm... understood... I guess there's still manual work to be done on my part. I'm only re-sizing art that is bigger than 500x500. Anything less than this ratio, I have looked for 500x500 replacements. The goal is to get my entire library to be 500x500.

    Do you know of any program that performs this?

  16. mp3 tag and mediamonkey both do an excellent job helping you find albumart and track info.

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  18. Hi, Sorry for my bad english. I'm searching the program SanseMp3ArtSizer but...
    Is it possible to reupload and have a new link ?

  19. Can be downloaded here:

    1. Mirror:

    2. The Share-Online-Mirror has program-version; onedrive is v2.1

  20. hundreds years later and this still works!
    Pioneer Car device that cost over $300 cannot handle anything bigger than 600x600
    thx a lot