Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What’s a Podcast?

Well firstly, its a downloadable piece of audio or video that's consumable at any time that is convenient for you.

Secondly, just because it has “Pod” in the name doesn’t mean it works with just iPods. It can actually work with any device that says it has podcast support, that includes Apple’s iPod as well as Microsoft’s Zune and Sony’s Walkmans.

Thirdly, Podcasts can be viewed on a computer as well and don’t actually require a portable media device at all.

To Start

Firstly, you need to get an program to manage and download your podcasts for you.

Apple’s iTunes is a good choice, but there is also Microsoft’s Zune Media Software, as well as Miro and Nullsoft's Winamp.

Media Players like iTunes and Zune have a built in Podcast store where you can simply browse and subscribe to many podcasts, some video, others audio. Many are usually free although there are the paid for podcasts.

To Subscribe

For applications like Miro and Winamp, you would need to go to the podcast’s official website and get the official RSS link from there and enter it into the Podcast manager to subscribe.

(Subscribe basically means that you wont need to go and manually download a episode every time a new episode comes out. The podcast management software will do it for you automatically.)

For instance, go to Revision 3's website, and choose a show, for instance “Tekzilla,”


There you will see the subscription area.

rssChoose “RSS” and then the format you would like to subscribe in, in my case its the “WMV Large” because i know it will work with Windows Media Player.

When you do, there will be another page that comes up.

link Here, you simply copy the URL in the address bar, as indicated in the above picture and paste it into the podcast manager of your choice.

In the case of adding it to your manager, look for a button labelled “subscribe” or “add” and paste the acquired link there.

Following suite, the Podcast manager should start downloading the newest episodes of the podcast you subscribed to.

Now you’re all done. Get entertained ppl, its podcast time.!!!!